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Journal History

Chapter 3

Kate adjusted her hair that morning, trying to find the perfect hairstyle. She tried almost six different hairstyles from tying her hair up, parting it to the left, parting it on the right, twin tails..but nothing looked right.

“We’re going to be late.” Kevin yells from downstairs.

“Coming!” Kate replies. Finally deciding to leave her hair in a messy bun. She rushes down the stairs and grabs some toast from the kitchen table.

“Seriously, if we’re late again because of you I’m going to leave you behind.” Kevin says.

“Sorry.” Kate smiles.

They walk down the street where they find Ryan at the crossing reading something on his phone.

“Sup man.” Kevin greets Ryan.

“Morning guys. You’re late.” Ryan replies.

“Not my fault. Princess over here took forever to get ready.” Kevin points to Kate who blushes.

“Sorry.” Kate replies.

“We’d better get going the bookstore should just about have opened and I’d like to get the last copy of that book before it sells out.” Ryan says.

The three of them walk down the street with Kate walking a few steps behind. She’s trying not to act shy but she can’t help it. Whenever Ryan is around she just hides behind her brother. She asked him to bring her along thinking that she’d have a chance to spend time with Ryan. After she’d heard he was dating Molly her confidence broke even further, but she couldn’t all of a sudden just stop liking him.

In the bookstore Ryan picks up a copy of “The Edge” a new release by his favorite author. Pleased to have made it in time and picked up the last copy they leave.

They stop at a small chips shop and have some chips before Ryan looks at his watch and says he has to leave.

“Sorry guys, I have to pick Molly up this afternoon.” Ryan says and makes his way out.

After he leaves Kate fiddles with her chips.

“Look, you’ve got to give up on him sometime.” Kevin pats Kate on the head. As she scoffs at him and looks away.

Molly adjusts her skirt and fixes her hair while waiting for Ryan to arrive at the movies. She’s sitting on a bench and watching all the couples walk by.

She notices a couple where the girl rest her head on her boyfriends shoulder as they walk out of a store. Why won’t someone love me like that Molly thinks to herself. She was getting upset, not only was the mall filled with couples but Ryan was late. Sure she practically forced him on this date but she didn’t appreciate him being late.

She looks at her phone and notices no calls or messages. A few minutes pass and a couple sits next to her.

“Hang on a second I’ll have to text Mom that you’re coming for dinner tonight.” The girl says.

“Allright, I love your Mom’s meatballs. Not as much as I love you though, but its a close competition” the guy replies. The couple laughs and after the girl finishes texting the guy says “The movies is about to start, let’s go.” before they leave. Molly looks at her phone again but there is still nothing. Minutes pass and Ryan finally arrives.

“Sorry, I’m late.” Ryan apologizes.

“Sorry I don’t care.” Molly replies. She gets up and sees another couple this time the guy was poking his girlfriend’s nose and they were both laughing.

She thought about her and Ryan. How it was unfair that even though she’d gotten what she’d wanted, he wasn’t the Ryan she wanted. He wasn’t that cool kind friend of her brothers that she'd always liked. He didn’t like her, he didn’t even want to be there with her, he just didn’t want her to tell everyone about his distasteful hobbies.

“You know what, forget today. I’m going home.” Molly says upset and walks off.

“Are you serious? You made come all the way down here for nothing.” Ryan complains grabbing her hand, only to notice her crying.

He looks at her surprised as she runs off. He’d never seen her cry before.

Sage was painting her nails when Molly walks in.

“Honey I’m home.” She says unenthusiastically.

“Welcome home dear.” Sage replies as Molly dives face first into her bed.

“Oooh, you look pretty.” Sage remarks. “Did you and lover boy go out on a date.”

Molly rolls over and starts to cry. Sage goes to comfort her.

“What happened? Oh Momo, don’t cry.” She says but Molly doesn’t reply she just continues to cry.

Ryan gets back home and picks up his phone. Trying to call Molly but all he gets is the busy tone with an automated reply “The subscriber you have called is busy, please try again later.”

He sits for a moment. Then wonders to himself exactly what he’d done wrong.



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